Cooking Lessons

Berber Duchess Moroccan Cooking Classes

Only have a few hours to spare? Whip up a delicious local feast in a three-hour cooking class with celebrated Berber Duchess Chef Rachid. Able to linger a little longer and indulge your foodie fantasies? Join queen of organic cooking Amanda’s six-hour culinary extravaganza. Our choice of little and large Moroccan cooking classes means whatever your schedule, you can savour the real jewel in Morocco’s crown – its cuisine!

“There is no love more sincerer than the love of food”
George Bernard Shaw


Linger Longer: Organic farm-to-table Moroccan cooking class

Your Linger Longer Moroccan cooking class begins with a culinary adventure through Marrakesh’s narrow, winding streets in a morning medina food tour. You’ll discover the city’s most interesting foodie havens, including its favourite spice shops and most photogenic vegetable stalls – as well as the plumpest dates and olives in Morocco.

Once you’ve made your way through the markets and stocked up on beautiful produce, you’ll be guided to the Berber Duchess Riad’s traditional rooftop terrace. Here, you’ll settle in for a Moroccan cooking class with a view. Your guide and tutor, Amanda, specialises in authentic Moroccan cuisine cooked to perfection on charcoal. Her classes are fun and delicious – a true celebration of the culture and traditions of the Maghreb. You’ll discover the rich history of this extraordinary cuisine, as well as how to create centuries-old local family recipes. And finally, you’ll get to tuck in! Bon appétit.

Classes start at the food market at 9.30am and finish after lunch at around 3pm. Minimum 2 people. Choose this class if you have more time to indulge.

Meet your host

Amanda Harford’s local organic farm not only cultivates beautiful produce, it also supports the community. A New Zealander who grew up on ‘fish and chips’ Fridays and pineapple on pizza (although reluctant to publicly admit the latter!), Amanda has been an international chef for 25 years and has run her cooking school, Ourika Organic Kitchen, since 2016. She believes food is our best medicine, and that correct diet and clean eating can bring your body into harmony and your life into balance.

Berber Duchess Riad is delighted to partner with Amanda – not only is she a fellow Kiwi, she also shares our zest for life and contagious enthusiasm for fun, as well as a driving passion to share the unforgettable flavours of Morocco with our guests.

Whip Up a Storm: Fast foodie favourites Moroccan cooking class

If you’re short on time, but have a hearty appetite for Moroccan flavours, opt for our Fast Foodie Favourites Moroccan cooking class. In three hours, you’ll master the art of whipping up three delicious local dishes that you can easily recreate back at home… with plenty of tasting opportunities along the way.

Head up to the Berber Duchess roof terrace where Chef Rachid awaits to deliver the ultimate whistlestop tour of Moroccan cuisine. With ambient tunes and plenty of mint tea refills, this cooking class is as laid-back and fun as it is informative. Whether fragrant tagine, the fluffiest couscous or piping hot pastilla, you’ll discover the central ingredients of the Maghreb and how to combine them to perfection. Finally, tuck into your homemade three-course lunch, served on the roof terrace with views across Marrakesh’s rooftops.

Classes are in English, starting at midday and finishing at 3pm, including lunch. Choose this class if you’re short on time and want to squeeze in as many activities as possible.

Meet your host

Every Berber Duchess guest sings the praises of our young chef, Rachid. Born in the Sahara Desert, Rachid grew up working in his father’s restaurant – the only eatery for miles around. By the age of 10, he was concocting tagines and mastering the age-old Berber cooking traditions preserved by his family. After university, Rachid returned to his true passion – cooking. He is obsessed with sharing the cuisine of his culture with guests, and loves nothing more than philosophising on the unique flavours of life. His mantra: Learn, laugh, cook and eat (and have fun!).

Berber Duchess Riad is delighted to partner with Rachid, who has recently opened a catering company in Marrakesh and is up and coming cook in the medina.